Client Payment Tracker Google Sheets

Client payment tracker google sheets

Spreadsheet description

The template includes the following columns:

Client: This column includes the name of the client. Invoice Number: This column includes the unique invoice number for each payment.

Invoice Date: This column includes the date on which the invoice was issued.

Due Date: shows the due date for the payment.

Invoice Amount: refers to the amount due on the invoice.

Paid Amount: This column includes the amount that has been paid on the invoice.

Payment Date: This column includes the date on which the payment was received.

Payment Method: The column show the payment method used for the transaction like Paypal or Credit Card.

The last column (Payment Notes) designed for any additional notes or information about the payment made by customers

The last column (Status) includes the state of the payment, such as "Paid in full," "Partial payment received," or "Payment overdue."

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