Google Sheet Expense Tracker Template

This tracker template sheet is made to help you keep track of your spending. It allows you to record your expenses, categorize them, and control your spending routine over time. With an expense tracker template, you can see easily where your money is going, identify items where you might be overspending, and make a little adjustment to your budget as necessary. By monitoring your expenses, you will also gain a clear understanding of your financial situation and work towards achieving your financial targets.

Google sheet expense tracker template

Spreadsheet description

The table includes six columns for the following information:

Date: The date of the transaction made.

Category: The category of the expense, such as groceries, transportation, entertainment, or clothes.

Description: in this column, you can include a brief description of the expense.

Amount: The monetary value of the spending for each category.

Payment Method: The method of payment used for the transaction, such as credit card, debit card or cash.

Notes: write down any additional notes or details about the expense.

overall total expenses: in this cell, you see the total amount of spending for all categories in USD (American dollars).

Key Features and Benefits

With this sheet template you can easily track your spending, adding rows and colums as needed, changing the colors and customizing the design in general.

How to use the template?

To use this template, you need to sign in your Google account that is completely for free or simply open the template in MS Excel program.

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