Sinking Funds Spreadsheet Template

This sinking funds spreadsheet is designed to assist individuals or small businesses projects to save and set aside a regular amount of money over a period of time for expenses that are expected to occur in the future, rather than relying on credit or loans to cover those expenses.

Sinking funds spreadsheet template

Spreadsheet description

The spreadsheet has six columns: Item, Cost, Monthly Contribution, Target Date, Current Balance and Remaining Balance.

The "Item" column lists all the items or expenses for which money needs to be set aside like office renovation, new equipment, website redesign and marketing campaign for business use.

The "Cost" column indicates the total cost of each item in the list, which is the amount of money that needs to be saved.

The "Monthly Contribution" column specifies the amount of money that needs to be set aside each month to reach the target amount before the target date. This is calculated by dividing the cost by the number of months between the current date and the target date.

The "Target Date" column refers to the date by which enough money should be saved to pay for the item in full. It helps keep track of the progress towards the goal.

The "Current Balance" column specifies the amount of money that has been saved for each item up to day, while "Remaining Balance" column calculates the difference between the cost and the current balance, and represents how much more money needs to be saved to reach the target amount.

The last row of the spreadsheet shows the calculation of the total monthly contribution needed to reach all of the sinking fund goals.

Key Features and Benefits

The ability to customize the spreadsheet data and colors

Change the currency

Adding extra rows and/or Columns

How to use the template?

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